Upcycling is a great way of turning something unwanted into something wanted.

And reuse organisation, the Hastings Furniture Service, has put together their top tips on how to make a driftwood mirror.

You will need:

A piece of ply board, drill, mirror tile, drift wood, beads, shells, glue and rope or twine


Step 1: Go beach-combing or wood-combing if you prefer, and collect pieces of driftwood, shells and any other decorations you’d like for your arrangement. Wash everything thoroughly and let it dry.

Step 2: Drill two holes near the top of the board to attach the rope or twine, for hanging your mirror.

Step 3: Position your mirror tile leaving a border around it, and stick firmly.

Step 4: Take time to carefully plan the arrangement of your drift wood and objects. Creating layers is especially effective.

Step 5: Once you are happy with your arrangement, glue the items in place.

Step 6: Wait for it to dry thoroughly before tying on the rope and hanging the mirror up.

As well as offering reasonably priced furniture, the service offers courses with local colleges, in upcycling furniture. The courses vary from furniture restoration to decorating mirrors, with driftwood found on the beach. For information or to book a course; visit hfs call 01424 44 11 12 for the Hastings store or 01424 22 35 94 for the Bexhill store.

Driftwood mirror

Driftwood mirror